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Also see our FAQ pages for PLUS Membership and School Boundaries.


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How do I create a profile?

When you join, we will ask you specific questions about your interests, your family, and what you would like to get of our site. This information makes up your personal profile. You can also post pictures as well. To make certain your profile really stands out, be sure to fill out all four brief sections of the “my profile” page: “basic profile,” “extended profile,” “my kids,” and “my settings.” If you were too busy to fill out this information when you first joined, it’s not too late! Simply click “my profile” in the top right-hand corner of the home page, and you will be able to edit each of these sections. This allows other members to get to know you better, but don’t worry, we won’t show other members any information you don’t want us to! Use “my settings” to set your privacy preferences.

My profile isn’t very interesting, how can I make it better?

When you first joined, we set up a very basic profile for you using the registration information you provided. If you want to add your own personal style, you can add to it by filling out all four sections of the profile set-up page: “basic profile,” “extended profile,” “my kids,” and “my settings.” Simply click “my profile” in the top right-hand corner of the home page and you’ll be able to edit each of these sections. Don’t forget to post at least one photo as well, nothing spruces up a profile like pictures! And even though a picture is worth a thousand words, we’re still pretty fond of words as well. So don’t forget the “A few words about me” section of the “extended profile.”

What is “a few words about me?”

The “a few words about me” box is a place for you to let other members know a little more about you. Be creative and write as much or as little as you would like. This information will appear on your public profile under “a few words about me.” You can edit this information anytime using the “extended profile” section of the profile page. Be sure to check out our Terms of Use for rules of conduct regarding appropriate language.

My profile isn’t showing all the information I want it to, how can I fix that?

Click “my profile” in the top right-hand corner of the page, and then click “my settings.” Read through the options and make sure you have allowed the community to see everything you want us to see!

I tried to upload a photo, and it won’t work. What’s wrong?

The ideal image size is 107x107 and less than 500kb. We accept .gif, .jpg, .jpeg or .png files. If your photo file meets these specifications and you are still having trouble, please contact our technical team directly. Also, make sure your photo does not break any of the rules of conduct for posting photos outlined in our Terms of Use.

Reference Articles

What are your sources for your reference articles?

The reference team has partnerships with some of the best educational content providers in the world. The reference team edits and fact-checks all sponsored content pages before they ever hit the site. Only the most trusted and reputable information is allowed on Our partnerships include prestigious organizations such as: New York University Child Study Center, Reading Is Fundamental (RIF), Duke University Talent Identification Program, National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), not to mention dozens of other non-profits, government agencies, and universities.

How do I search for reference articles on specific topics?

You can click any one of the topics listed on the “Browse by Topic” of our home page. Or use the search function (available at the top of every page).

Can I submit a reference article?

Go to the home page and find the "Get Published" link.


Can I send an article to someone who isn’t a member of

Sure! Simply click the “Share This” button at the top of the article and follow the instructions. But don’t forget to invite that friend to join as well!

How do I comment on an article?

Simply click the “comment” button at the top of the article. A box will pop up for your comments. However, if what you really want is to ask a question, please visit our JustAsk section.

What happens if I click the “add to favorites” button?

The specific article or post you are reading will be added into your favorites folder. Then you can find it easily whenever you want. Like to share? Using the “my settings” function of your profile, you can determine whether or not other members see your favorite selections.

How can I learn more about your writers?

Our writers are made up of a crew of parents, educators, and experts. For more information on a particular writer, check out his or her profile.

Can I submit a magazine article?

Absolutely! The editorial team welcomes all submissions for articles, activities, and worksheets. For more information check out our submission guidelines.

School Finder

What schools are included?'s SchoolFinder publishes data on preschools and day care centers, and all public and private elementary, middle, and high schools across the U.S.

Where does get its school data?

K-12 school contact information, test scores, and student and teacher statistics come from each state’s Department of Education and the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). Preschool and day care center information is reported by MDR. The year of the data is noted on the bottom of school data pages or alongside test scores. The amount and type of school data may vary from state to state based on the data released by the state Departments of Education and collected by

When is school data updated?

The state Departments of Education and the National Center for Education Statistics report data at different times in the year. does its best to publish the most recent annual data available.

What if I see an error in the school contact information, test scores, or teacher and student statistics?

Contact Us about the incorrect or out of date information and we will work to resolve the issue.

How do I notify about a missing school?

Contact Us about the missing school.

Where can I find district and school boundaries and enrollment information?

Please contact the individual school district to obtain boundary maps and other enrollment information.

Where do the 5 star ratings and reviews come from?

The school ratings and reviews are user generated. Although the ratings and reviews are subjective, reviews must meet our School Review Guidelines in order to be posted on the site.

What is a school's TestRating?

The TestRating is a number ranking (1-10) calculated by that provides an overview of a school's test performance for a given year, by comparing the school's state standardized test results to those of other schools in the same state.

The TestRating is only based on test scores, and thus does not take into account other factors that are very important to a school's success , such as teacher qualifications, curriculum, teaching methods, extracurricular activities, teacher to student ratio, leadership and parent involvement. These factors should also be considered when comparing schools and suggests using the TestRating as a way to get an objective snapshot of a school's test performance within a given year as compared to other school's in the state, nothing more.

How do I interpret the TestRating?

The TestRating is really a percentile ranking of a school's test scores. 10 is the highest TestRating, and 1 is the lowest TestRating. A TestRating of 10 means that your school's test scores are higher than 90% of schools in your state, a score of 6 means that your school's test scores are higher than 50% of schools, a score of 4 means that your school's test scores are higher than 30% of schools, etc.

How is the TestRating calculated? has developed a proprietary calculation method that enables us to compare an individual school's standardized test scores to other schools across the same state. A school's TestRating is calculated by ranking a school's grade and subject level test results as compared to all other schools' grade and subject level test results within the state. Then, all of a school's grade and subject level rankings are averaged to create one overall school ranking, which is the TestRating.

What tests are used to calculate a school’s TestRating?

The tests and subjects used to calculate the TestRating calculation vary state to state. The test scores are reported publicly by each state’s Department of Education and accesses them as available. Every school’s TestRating includes an explanation of the specific tests and subjects used to calculate the school’s TestRating. This explanation is found in the “i” icon next to the school’s TestRating.

Why is my school’s TestRating so low… or so high?

The TestRating is based entirely on a school’s test score comparisons within a state. We use the most recent scores available. There are many factors that are also important in evaluating a school’s academic performance that are not included in the TestRating, such as improvement year over year or across student demographics.

If you have specific concerns about your school’s TestRating that are not explained here, please contact us. However, please note that the TestRating is computed by using publically available information provided by the state’s Department of Education. It is a quantitative and objective ranking of test scores, not a judgment of the overall quality of the school.

If these answers did not help answer your question, please contact us.

Other Questions

What is my edu?

“my edu” is your personalized dashboard at It’s there to help you keep track of your personal messages, your calendar, the groups you’ve joined, friends, favorite articles, and picture galleries.

How do I send a message to a friend?

There are many ways to contact friends and members on If you’ve added a friend to your friend list, just click on the “communities” tab and you’ll see them in your “my community” box. You can send them a message directly from there. Want to send a message to someone not yet in your community? Go to the “featured members” area of the communities page and click on “Go To Members”. This will allow you to search from members. Once you’ve found the person you’re looking for, simply click on the “Send Message” link.

How do I check my messages?

Once you’re logged in, your messages will appear in the “my messages” box on the left hand corner of the homepage.

How do I know when I have new messages on

Your new messages appear in the “my messages” box on the homepage. You can also set up your profile so that you get an email whenever you have a new message on Just go into your profile from the “my edu” tab. Under “basic profile” you have the option at the bottom of the page under “communications” to request “message notification”. Anytime you get a new message at, we’ll shoot you an email to let you know.

Use the search function that is available at the top of every page. Using the drop-down menu you can select specific sections of our site to search. To search the entire site, simply type in your topic, or the title of the article you are looking for, and click ”Go.“

… contact a specific department.

To contact a specific department at, use our contact form.

… log in, but I forgot my username/password.

On the login page, click “Forgot your login information?” and follow the Reset login info instructions. Your username and a new password will be sent to your email address. Once you receive this new password and login with it, you can go to the “extended profile” section of your profile and choose a new password that will be easier to remember.

… contact's technical team directly to resolve my problem.

Our technical team is happy to assist you.