My Body

  • Kindergarten, First Grade
  • Science
  • 70 minutes
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August 17, 2015
by Nichelle Neal

This simple lesson plan will help your students gain a basic understanding of different body parts.

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to identify some common body parts.

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Introduction (10 minutes)

  • Tell the students you are going to listen to a song to help them review their body parts.
  • Play the My Body Parts Song video. Repeat the video if needed.

Explicit Instruction/Teacher Modeling (10 minutes)

  • Review body parts with the students. Go over parts that you feel weren't gone over in the body part song.
  • Introduce the body tracing activity to the students.

Guided Practice/Interactive Modeling (15 minutes)

  • Have a student trace you on a piece of paper and help you label your body parts.
  • Display you outline and review each body part—head , arms, legs, chest, hands, and feet—with the students.

Independent Working Time (20 minutes)

  • Have students work in pairs and trace each other.
  • Once they have traced each other, have them label their bodies.



  • Enrichment: Have advanced students use the backs of their worksheets to write descriptions for what each body part does.
  • Support: Give struggling students one-on-one assistance with identifying the different body parts.


Assessment (10 minutes)

  • Have students complete the Your Body worksheet.
  • Collect the worksheet once they're done working. Review it to assess their understanding.

Review and Closing (5 minutes)

  • Display students' work on the walls of the classroom.

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