There is Only One Me!

  • Preschool
  • Math
  • 35 minutes
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October 21, 2015
by June Frontin

Build your class' self confidence with this art lesson that helps them understand that they are special and unique!

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to identify and value the number one and understand that there is only one of them.

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Introduction (5 minutes)

  • Call on each student by their name and ask them how many of them are there.
  • Ask your students if they watch Sesame Street.
  • Sing or play There is Only One Me.

Explicit Instruction/Teacher Modeling (5 minutes)

  • Play the song again and encourage your students to sing and dance along.
  • Tell the students that just like the girl in the video, there is only one of them and that makes them perfectly unique.

Guided Practice/Interactive Modeling (5 minutes)

  • Show your students the number 1 paper cutouts. Tell students that every time the number one comes up in the song they are to hold up the paper cutout.
  • Have each student choose a cutout or pass out cutouts randomly.
  • Play the song once again and model holding up the cutout when the number one comes up in the song.

Independent Working Time (10 minutes)

  • Pass out glue, construction paper, markers, and crayons.
  • Have students glue their number to the paper and then draw a picture of themselves.
  • Allow students to decorate the paper however they would like.



  • Enrichment: Allow advanced students to write out the number one on their paper as well as "one" to make the connection between written and numerical numbers.
  • Support: Give struggling students support by having them clap along with the song instead of singing. You could also help them decide how to decorate their paper.


Assessment (5 minutes)

  • Collect and look over student papers.

Review and Closing (5 minutes)

  • Have your students reflect on he lesson by asking questions such as: What number did we talk about today? How many of you are there? What song did we sing today?
  • Let the children sing the song again to close the activity.

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