10 Ways to Get Ready for a New School (page 2)

10 Ways to Get Ready for a New School

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Updated on Aug 27, 2013

Fears or concerns

Ask what your child is worried about, and find ways to calm these fears. Is your child concerned about eating alone? Suggest that he talk with several people in the class right before lunch, then walk to the cafeteria together. Anxious about standing out because of the wrong clothes? Look through yearbooks or the school website to see what other kids wear. Worried about getting lost? Tour the school or study a map ahead of time. Afraid that no one will talk to him in the cafeteria or at recess? Pack a few extra granola bars or other healthy snacks for him to share.

After-school plans

Find out what your child would like to do after school the first day, and make plans that you can both look forward to all day. Be sure you do something that allows you to talk about the day, and let her know ahead of time that you are anxious to hear everything!

Previous schools

Discuss what things your child liked about his old school. Check out the new school’s website, look out through old yearbooks in the library, or talk with students and staff members to find out about similar opportunities. This will help connect positive experiences and memories to the new school.


Ask what your child hopes to accomplish this school year. Then, work together to set goals that he can achieve easily to build positive experiences at the new school. Goals might include:

  • Make 3 friends this week.
  • Get 100% on the first math quiz.
  • Be able to open my locker every time.
  • Participate in the science fair.
  • Feel at home at my new school!
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