11 Ways Your Kids Learn Using Technology (page 2)

11 Ways Your Kids Learn Using Technology

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Updated on May 20, 2011

Learning with Technology at School

Schools are investing more and more in technology. Whether your child’s class uses an interactive Smartboard, laptops, or another device, here are three ways to make sure that technology is used effectively.

  • Ask For Your Own Log-In Often, school programs come with a parent log-in that will allow you to see your child’s progress. If it doesn’t, says Berger, “ask to see the reports that a teacher has access to.” Then, check his progress every few months. It's a great way for you and your child to be on the same page about his progress.
  • Ask About Teacher Training Technology is often implemented in classrooms without appropriate professional development. If your child’s classroom is using a whole-class system, such as Clickers or an Interactive Smartboard, ask how it’s used in class and what training the teacher has had. “As a parent,” says Berger,” you want to know if teachers feel well trained and they're putting [new technologies] to good use.”
  • Find Parent Resources One of the best ways that technology can help your child is by helping you learn more about learning. Berger recommends the web site for information and lessons targeted at developing early reading skills.

Computers, smart phones, and tablets aren’t going away, but with a few tweaks and consideration, you can make your child’s technology-time productive, educational, and fun!  

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