The Best Kids Magazines for the Elementary School Set (page 2)

The Best Kids Magazines for the Elementary School Set

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Updated on Apr 2, 2014

Cricket In a time of emails and instant messaging, finding something in the mailbox is still really special. Our nomination for the late-elementary school set? Cricket, a magazine of poems, comics, crosswords, crafts, and stories. From adventure tales of fire breathing dragons to nail-biting mysteries, each issue is jam-packed with quirky material sure to steal your third or fourth grader's attention. Get a subscription, roll the first copy up with a ribbon, and stuff it in your child's backpack as a mid-day surprise. Just don't be surprised if she starts stalking the mailbox. ($33.95/year, Ages 9-14)

Appleseeds Unlike most of the other magazines on this list, Appleseeds focuses each issue on a single topic. Sometimes it’s a time of year, like Thanksgiving or Winter. Other times it’s a subject like weather or firefighters.  The good news about this kind of format, is that it allows for lots of different facets of a single topic. The bad news is that if kids have no interest in said topic, it’s going to be a pretty boring month’s reading. Final verdict? Appleseeds is a great fit for home schooling families, looking to chunk learning into themes. But for regular kids, it might not be as exciting a subscription as some of the other candidates on this list. ($33.95/year, Ages 7-10)

Ranger Rick Where do dolphins sleep? Is there such a thing as poison bubbles? How do birds steer? Kids are bursting with curiosity and this magazine, courtesy of the National Wildlife Federation, is full of amazing facts, hands-on activities, true animal stories, and photography about the world and the creatures that call it home. Cool facts and surprising subjects make this a great pick for nature and animal lovers. ($19.95/year, Ages 7-12)

Odyssey If you've got a science junkie on your hands, you know that sometimes it's hard to keep her supplied with enough science stories and interesting activities to keep her busy. And if you've got a kid who's interest in science registers up there with his desire to eat worms, you're aware that it will take a really cool magazine to get his motor started. But Odyssey, a science magazine for late elementary to middle school aged kids, magically manages to appeal to both. With its engaging blend of accessible articles ("What's Knot to Like?", "Do You Really See Red?"), it blends kid-friendly content with the latest in scientific discoveries, covering everything from DNA sequencing to archeology's most fantastic findings. ($33.95/year, Ages 9-14)

Stone Soup When you imagine your child ten years from now, what magazine do you imagine her reading?: A) Newsweek, B) Vogue, or C) The New Yorker?... If you answered C, then you've got to get your hands on this magazine. Pronto. Perfect for a budding author or poet, Stone Soup is a literary magazine written for and by kids 8-13. Every story, every poem, and every illustration is penned by a kid in this age category, but it's edited by a professional. That makes for some pretty inspiring reading for your future Toni Morrison or Seamus Heaney. ($37.00/year,, Ages 8-13)

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