Can High School Extracurriculars Get You Into College? (page 2)

Can High School Extracurriculars Get You Into College?

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Updated on Sep 9, 2010

That being said, for students who are trying to get into Harvard or other highly selective colleges and universities, involvement in extracurriculars is much more important.

What are your child's extracurricular options? Here's a list of activities that can add to your teen's high school experience...and beyond:


From soccer to the swim team to tennis club, there is something for everyone when it comes to sports. And the benefits of being involved in athletics go beyond just improved physical fitness and health. Students learn teamwork and gain confidence, leadership and endurance from sports – all skills that can help the new college student succeed under the pressures of college life.

Performing Arts

Dance, drama and music – these can offer a much-needed creative outlet, as well as improving a student's academic standing. Several studies have shown that students who are involved in the arts score higher SAT scores than their non-involved peers – and the more arts classes, the higher the scores.

Academics on the side

For students who just can't get enough academics, the math or science team, the debate club, or even time spent tutoring can add valuable knowledge and experience. Building strong core skills, especially in areas the student plans to pursue further in college, shows a love of the subject and mental discipline that will be valuable assets when digging into more advanced study.

So, encourage your teen to get involved – not just because of college prospects, but also for his own personal development. It is sure to make for a happier and healthier teen.

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