Celebrate Summer: Learn About the Sun! (page 2)

Celebrate Summer: Learn About the Sun!

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Updated on Jun 30, 2008

Why shouldn't you stare at the sun?

Sun exposure can damage not only the skin, but the eyes, too. Even one day in the sun can result in a burned cornea (the outermost, clear membrane layer of the eye). Cumulative exposure can lead to cataracts later in life (clouding of the eye lens), which can actually lead to blindness. The best way to protect your eyes is to wear sunglasses with a high level of UV protection.

Here are a few fun activities to really bring the power of the sun home!

Make a sun oven: Take a cylindrical tube (like an oatmeal box), and cut it in half lengthwise. Line the inside of the box with aluminum foil, with the shiny side facing up. Place your sun oven outside in a bright, hot area, and you’re ready to cook! Place a hot dog in it and lunch will soon be ready! Sun tea would be a great accompanying drink.

Sun Painting: Take some dark colored construction paper and place it outside in the bright sun. Place some interesting objects – leaves, rocks, twigs, even small household items – on the paper, and leave them alone for a few hours. Then remove the objects to see what the sun has painted!

Sun for the Garden?: Plant two similar sun-loving plants in small pots. Place one in a sunny location, and the other in a dark spot, like the garage or a tool shed. Water both each day, and compare the results over several days. This activity is great for teaching how necessary sunlight is for plants to grow.

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