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Great Birthday Gifts Under $25! (page 2)

Great Birthday Gifts Under $25!

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Updated on Jan 22, 2008

Tip: Buy a child-sized apron and have it personalized with the birthday child's name (also available at Wrap it in a box filled with child-friendly cooking tools (OXO makes wonderful ones that are great for small hands; for a large selection, go to Combine it with a "make your own chocolate kit" or "make your own gummies kit." Even more fun, throw in a few of your child's favorite recipes – it might encourage a budding cook to start collecting his own. Go to

10 and older
Hole-On Ex Paper Camera Kit ($20.00)
It seems impossible: making a real camera out of nothing but paper. This gift is sure to impress a young photographer. It’s also a great way to learn about the fundamentals of light, optics, and photography. In short, the Hole-On Ex is a make-and-shoot 35mm pinhole camera kit that comes with all camera parts printed on heavy, durable cardstock. A metal pinhole aperture is included. Simple and easy assembly requires only glue, a ruler, and a pencil. Plus, it can be ready for shooting in less than two hours! Go to

Tip: Add a roll of film to the package and a monogrammed photo album ( or a gift certificate for free prints at a local photo shop.

Tie-Dye Kit ($24.50)
All you need to tie-dye up to 15 adult shirts, or color jeans, socks, shorts, ties, and more. Contents include red, blue, and yellow pre-measured dye, four squirt (mixing) bottles, rubber bands, dye fixer, soda ash, and a pair of rubber gloves. No heating or measuring involved. Go to

Tip: Add some plain white t-shirts to the package!

Gift giving should be fun for the recipient, but it should also be fun for the giver! Shake things up a bit, and get out of your rut.

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