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Need a Family Vacation? (page 2)

Need a Family Vacation?

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Updated on Mar 5, 2009

Read for inspiration

  • Many books help spark a child’s curiosity about art. Try Touch the Art by Julie Appel and 52 Great Art Projects by Lynn Gordon.

Point to art in every day life

  • Singing in the shower? Voice is an art. Dancing across the room? Dance is, too. Even sports have an artistic side. In fact, someone once choreographed a whole ballet based on Michael Jordan.

Cater to everyone in the family

  • Plan a mix of activities for both day and night.
  • Set expectations: discuss bed times, spending money, souvenirs, and other details in advance so there won’t be disagreements later .
  • Let the kids in on the planning. Ask them what they would like to see most.


Keep kids engagged

  • Allow children to role play and mimic – even in front of the artist.
  • Get a Toronto toilet map! They’re free.
  • Leave a day open so kids can plan something themselves.
  • Let each child pick one event for that day.
  • Don’t forget snacks, and pack comfortable shoes.
  • Perhaps most importantly: Don’t overdo it. Even the most die-hard of art lovers can wilt after a six-hour trek through a museum or an all-day symphony extravaganza. It’s okay not to see absolutely everything this time around.

Spark art discussions with your kids

Younger children (6-9):

  • What type of weather does this sculpture or painting remind you of?
  • Where do we see these colors on our street, our school, our home?
  • What kind of TV show or movie do you think you might hear this music in?

Older children (10-13):

  • What CD cover could this painting go on?
  • Which celebrities’ house would this piece of artwork look great in?
  • What country does this dance or music remind you of?
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