Does Your High Schooler Got Game? (page 2)

Does Your High Schooler Got Game?

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Updated on Feb 18, 2009


(Ages 10 and up, 4 or more players) In this word game, players use strategy and bluffing skills to outwit their opponents. Players are handed a card which no one else can see. Two people will wind up with a word card, while everyone else gets a ???, or bluff card. Each player gives a word clue and the goal is to guess which two players have the “linq” or the word clue. While the words won't exactly be new vocabulary, creating unique ways to describe words like “trade” or “compact” is great practice in communication skills. The bluffing portion of the game also requires emotional intelligence to “read” body language. This is a fun game for a teen's night in with family or friends. * * * (Endless Games, $19.99)

EqualZ (Ages 10 and up, 2-6 players)
Here's an educational spin on a typical card game. Instead of jacks, queens and aces, this pack has number cards (0-9), operator cards (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) and reversible parentheses cards. In each round, players try to make as many arithmetic expressions as they can to equal a randomly selected target number. An optional rule allows players to buy and sell cards in an effort to use up all the cards in their hand and win the game. EqualZ practices both mental math and creative problem solving skills, and makes for a great break from SAT practice sets! * * * (Karmel Games, $14.97)
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