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Make King Day a Day "On"

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Updated on Jan 15, 2010

Whether you volunteer nationally or locally, you will want to consider two other factors that may not be immediately apparent when you decide how to serve with your children on MLK Day: your children’s needs, and their own attitudes towards volunteering. While a three-hour shift at a homeless shelter may seem like nothing to you, your six-year-old may become restless after an hour. Pace yourself and know your children; consider not only your child’s attention span, but also his or her motor skills in choosing your activity. Finally, check your own attitude. Children pick up easily on frustration, anxiety and boredom, so make sure that you are actively engaged in volunteering, too. Focus on creating a positive environment for your kids and instilling in them a passion for aiding others.

King once said, “Everyone can be great, because everyone can serve.” Not only will volunteering teach your kids important lessons of tolerance, sacrifice and altruism, it will draw you closer together as a family. As you respond to this call to service on MLK Day you may find that your philanthropy lasts well beyond MLK Day and becomes a lifelong habit for you and your children.

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