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School Spankings: The Corporal Punishment Debate (page 2)

School Spankings: The Corporal Punishment Debate

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July 31, 2008
Updated on Aug 6, 2013

State your case. Be sure to write a letter to your school administrator stating whether you grant your permission for the school to use corporal punishment towards your child or not, and indicate that you are willing to work with the school on alternative disciplinary strategies. “Parents need to make sure that they're available to be a support to the school, and show that they want to be involved,” says Block.

Keep a record. If your child is paddled or spanked at school, and you are against the practice or if your child is injured, make sure to document exactly what happened. If necessary, take color photographs of your child's injuries and/or take him to a doctor to be examined. Search out witnesses who might be able to tell you exactly what happened, and keep a log of who you contact and what you find out about the incident.

If your school district allows corporal punishment, and you want to change the law, Block suggests taking the following steps:

  • Gather a group. When it comes to policy change, the more the merrier. Having a group of supporters at your back will help you gain traction and illustrate that the problem isn't yours alone.
  • Dig for data. Try to gather details about corporal punishment in your school district and those surrounding it. How many children are paddled each year? What are the demographics?
  • Speak with the Superintendent. Seeing if the Superintendent will be a help or a hindrance is the first step towards changing your district's policies, says Block. Make sure to make contact before bringing your case before the school board.
  • Solicit the School Board. Put your data together and schedule a meeting with the School Board to make a presentation. Block says that its a good idea to contact your local newspaper and get a reporter on the education beat to attend the meeting.
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