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8 April Fools Pranks to Pull on Your Kid (page 2)

8 April Fools Pranks to Pull on Your Kid

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Updated on Mar 21, 2014

Prep: Keep some leftovers from last night’s dinner.

Switched at birth. The whole family (but one) can be in on this joke. In the morning, greet your child with a name you and the rest of the family have agreed on. Let’s say “Scarlett.” Spend breakfast referring to her by that name, explaining that there was some confusion during her birth, and it turns out that you’ve been calling her by the wrong name all these years. Not to worry, though, from now on, the entire family has promised to call her by her right name.

Prep: Type up and print a “birth certificate” with her “real name.” Don’t worry about making it look authentic. Few kids have ever actually seen their birth certificate.

Look how big you’re getting! Surely, kids get sick and tired of adults telling them how much they've grown. This time, your child will think she really has … overnight! The night before, lay out an outfit that is two or three sizes too small. As your kid walks down the stairs with her capri pants and three-quarter sleeves, comment that she must have grown overnight. Then when she goes to put on her shoes, she'll think even her feet have grown a size bigger.

Prep: The night before, lay out a too-small outfit and stuff her regular shoes with tissues.

These tricks will make for a fun day and show your child that even you have a sense of humor.

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