6 Bad Baby Habits and How to Break Them (page 2)

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Updated on Jul 31, 2012

Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding usually starts around the same time that your baby is undergoing heavy construction when it comes to her mouth. Excess teething means pressure feels good, which can then lead to grinding. The good news? The behavior is usually short-lived.

  • What to do? Most teeth grinding ends about the same time the teething process does, but some toddlers grind their teeth into adulthood. Since it usually happens at night, there's not much you can do to stop the behavior. Still, ask your child's dentist about mouth guards to help stop damage to her teeth.

Hair Pulling

Relaxation, boredom and fatigue; these are the three most common causes for hair twirling and pulling. Like a tiny teen, your toddler often engages in bad habits to deal with three of their most common emotions. Of course, if she starts pulling tufts of hair out, there could be a bigger problem.

  • What to do? Don't worry about mild hair twirling when your little one seems occupied. She's doing it without thinking and it won't hurt her. However, if the hair pulling becomes forceful, or she's actually tearing out the strands and cuticles, have a visit with your doc. These are signs of a serious issue called trichotillomania, which can have severe psychological undertones attached.

Hey, toddlers have their vices just like anyone else. While yours might be a 2 p.m. Diet Coke, your little one might be content to pick her nose for a couple of minutes when she's bored. These little baby habits are hardly cause for concern. In a couple of months, it'll be onto new talents and different cringe-worthy behavior; eating food off of the floor, anyone?

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