Why Do Children Wet the Bed? (page 2)

Why Do Children Wet the Bed?

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Updated on Sep 4, 2013

Bedwetting Myths

“If my child just tried hard enough, he would be able to stay dry at night.”

Some parents mistakenly believe children have more control over bedwetting than they actually do. Most children are very embarrassed or ashamed by bedwetting accidents, and they would like nothing more than to overcome this developmental hurdle. The attention related to wetting the bed is not the kind of attention that they want. They often miss out on sleepovers and face teasing from siblings. Doctors recommend that parents be patient and comfort their children by expressing confidence in their ability to master nighttime accidents.

Handling Dandelions = Nighttime Accidents

In the past, the dandelion has been used medicinally as a diuretic. Indeed, the origins of the word, dandelion, in French, Spanish, and Italian generally mean “wet the bed.” There are confirmed cases in which children playing with dandelion flowers have absorbed some of the compounds on the stem and petals through their skin leading to nighttime accidents. Although there is some disagreement as to whether dandelion flowers have a strong enough of an effect on children to cause nighttime accidents, most experts believe that the risk is so small that parents have little to fear from the dandelion.

Taking it All in Stride

In most cases, children grow out of nighttime accidents and as they grow and mature. The leading causes of bedwetting are related to typical development patterns and parents have little to be concerned about. So, sit back, relax, and put your energy into reassuring your child that dry days are just around the corner.

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