Celebrate Mistakes...and Learn Spelling! (page 2)

Celebrate Mistakes...and Learn Spelling!

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Updated on Sep 23, 2010

Sight Words

Around second grade, conventional spelling becomes more important and spelling tests often start in schools. There are many fun ways to practice sight words. At the end of the day, kids do need to recognize, spell, and read these words automatically, one grade level at a time. Please refer to this list of grade-specific sight words. Here are some games to make sight word practice fun!

Spelling Games

Sight Word Hopscotch Make a simple hopscotch game outside with chalk or inside with masking tape. Make sight word index cards. When a player draws a card from the box, he reads it and uses it in a sentence (with adult help if necessary). Spell the word while hopping on one foot through the squares. Always keep some words your child has mastered in the box and add only a few new words at a time.

Sight Word Search Draw a blank word search of one inch squares approximately 8 squares by 6 squares, with blank space at the bottom for the word list. Give your child a sight word list and have him circle five words. At first, show him how to write the words in the blank word search squares one letter at a time across, down or diagonally. After inserting each word, write that word in the blank space below. ;Fill in the remaining squares with any random letters a-z. Now find someone else to “Solve My Word Search!”

Sight Word Sort Enlarge the font and cut the sight word list into word cards. Have your child sort the words by first letter. Read them together simultaneously or “repeat after me” with the child pointing as you take turns leading. Now try sorting by number of letters and read the words again. Other sorts include: last letter, same vowels, words I can rhyme with, etc. Your child will think of other ways too. Store in a clear sealable bag.

Remember, kids want to spell it right and they want your approval, but it is more important that they feel successful and love to write. So, have fun!

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