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Updated on Jul 17, 2009

Ceranoglu adds, “Provide other common examples: Michael Jordan was cut as a sophomore from his high school team, but didn't give up – he practiced even more, tried out again the next year and went on to become one of the greatest athletes of all time. Even Albert Einstein failed his first college entrance exam!”

Vecchio advises digging a little deeper into what happened, so your child can prevent it from becoming a recurring pattern. “ We say that adversity builds character, but leave out that it must be torn down a little bit first. When rejected by someone, examine why it hurts.“

Maybe the rejection came because the activity involved was not your child’s core strength. What else does he enjoy that he could do instead? Sure, your child might want to just go out there and “try, try again,” which is a great attitude to have. “If your child truly loves the activity at hand, do everything you can to nurture it,” advises Ceranoglu.

But he points out that plans can change. “A child who auditioned for the school play that featured his favorite movie on stage was initially disappointed when he was not cast, but was quite satisfied when the teacher gave him the responsibility of stage lights.”

We all have talents, gifts and strengths, and focusing on what he’s good at will help any child overcome rejection.

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