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Get Great Bedwetting Gear

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Updated on Apr 22, 2014

Waterproof bedding A similar concept to mattress overlays, waterproof bedding provides a more permanent short-term solution. Since it's relatively inexpensive and simple to wipe down, some parents find it a better fit for kids that take a little longer to achieve dryness. But, be forewarned: if you've got a picky kid when it comes to tactile issues, he may not be too keen on the plasticky feel! Where to buy

Vibratory watches for daytime voiding programs These vibrating watches are great for children who are not only having trouble with nighttime accidents, but also need a reminder to use the potty during daytime hours—commonly co-occurring issues. The watch vibrates at set times, helping to reconcile daytime accidents and allow families to move onto tackling nighttime bedwetting.

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So what about the medications commonly associated with bedwetting? Mercer cautions the movement towards medications as a “cure-all.” More beneficial as a short-term solution for a sleepover or special occasion, medications such as DDAVP work by decreasing the amount of urine produced in that night only. In order to treat the root of the problem, it’s important to find ways to reduce the behavior itself.

While your child is working to achieve dryness, why not work to boost his confidence and self-esteem? Books shared one-on-one are a wonderful way to get kids to get more comfortable in their own skin. One popular children’s book to help address their concerns is Prince Bravery and Grace by Gail Gross. It's a wonderful way to help sensitive kids realize that even ultra-brave princes face the fear of bedwetting! Filled with facts and realistic solutions, it manages an ultra kid-friendly tone throughout the entire story. Where to buy

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