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Facebook and Kids: Social Support or Dangerous Distraction? (page 2)

Facebook and Kids: Social Support or Dangerous Distraction?

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Updated on Mar 4, 2012

Setting Limits

Facebook can be distracting in a lot of ways, both emotionally when you're wondering who's commenting on your profile, and externally as alerts and updates bombard your phone or computer. Rosen suggests turning off the program when it's time to work, and scheduling short "tech breaks" for your child to blow off some steam and check her profile.

Lead by Example

Better yet, offer the "tech break" compromise for the whole family, so everyone has a chance to put down their computers and phones and enjoy each others' company. While your child does homework, curl up with a good book or have a chat with your spouse to show your child that there are many other ways to spend time outside of the internet. Your teen will be able to see the actual benefits of less screen time without feeling like you're just trying to control her.

It's easy to feel overwhelmed by the ever-shifting Facebook phenomenon, but keep in mind that a lot of things, including communication, understanding and spending quality time together, are still essential to raising healthy kids. Social media won't be disappearing anything soon, so the best time to talk to your child might be right now.

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