7 Tips for Family Camping (page 2)

7 Tips for Family Camping

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Updated on Sep 3, 2013

Go Over Safety Rules

Remind kids not to wander off without telling an adult, to stay away from the fire and not to eat anything growing in the wild. Campsites usually provide information regarding the wild animals that live nearby; read this information and let your kid know what to do when near an animal. If poison oak or other dangerous plants are around, show kids what they look like so they can avoid them.

Let Kids Explore

One of the best parts about camping is letting children be out in the woods making their own fun. If they need some assistance in the play department, here are a few ideas to help keep them entertained:

  • Make a treasure hunt where each kid has a list of things they have to find. It can be a certain color of leaf, a number of twigs, a banana slug, a twig with three branches, etc. When they all return with their loot, they can get a glow stick as a prize.
  • Task each child with finding a special rock or stone. They can spend the entire afternoon looking for it. Bring some thin wire and a roll of leather or cotton cord with you. When everyone has settled on a special stone, have them wrap the wire around and around the stone until it makes a nice pattern and there is a hoop on top. String the leather cord through the hoop to make a necklace, and voila! They’ll always remember their first camping trip—and so will you—when they proudly wear their camping memory necklace.
  • Check out all of our nature activities for more great ideas.

Dinner by the campfire is a great time to talk about the day, share stories, and ask each other about their favorite part of camping. And of course, no camping trip would be complete without making lip-smacking s’mores. They’re often the best part of the trip for the kids, so don’t skimp on the graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows: the perfect ending to the perfect first-time family camping trip!

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