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Gold Medal Reads for the Winter Games (page 2)

Gold Medal Reads for the Winter Games

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Updated on Apr 17, 2014

Getting in the Game, written by Dawn FitzGerald (Square Fish, 2007)

Sports fiction for girls is a largely underrepresented genre, and any kid sister who grew up in the shadow of a hockey-playing older brother can appreciate this story of seventh grader Joanna, or Jo, a girl more at home in pads and a helmet than sequins and sparkles. Hockey features prominently in the first half of the book, but then the author delves into the heroine’s other life issues—her grandfather’s Alzheimer’s, her parents’ separation. “I just wanted to get in the game,” Jo says, and she does just that. For grades 4-7.

Miga, Quatchi and/et Sumi: The Story of the Vancouver 2010 Mascots / L'Histoire des Mascottes de Vancouver 2010, written by Michael Murphy and illustrated by Vicki Wong (Whitecap Books, 2008)

What do a half-orca, half-Kermode bear, a sasquatch, and a “guardian spirit” with the legs of a bear, the wings of a thunderbird and a whale hat have in common? They’re Miga, Quatchi and Sumi, the official mascots of the 2010 Vancouver Games. Miga snowboards, Quatchi dreams of being a goalie, and Sumi wants to learn all the Paralympic sports—and all three of them are excited to represent their country this winter. The appealing bluish-green palette and chunky illustrations make this a fun introduction to the Winter Games for young children. For grades K-3.

So curl up with a cup of warm cocoa and catch these great winter reads—then tune in to the 2010 Vancouver Games and cheer on your favorite athletes!

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