Five Great Graduation Party Ideas (page 2)

Five Great Graduation Party Ideas

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Updated on Dec 13, 2012

The teens will love seeing pictures of their friends before they knew them. You can even give out awards for who changed the most, or who hasn’t changed the most!

3. “Getting to Know You” or “Who Am I?” – The Name Game

Impersonating friends and teachers is a common pastime of teenagers. This game allows the kids to have fun with each other’s personalities and perhaps even get to know some friends even better! All you need are a few pens and some blank white name tag-style stickers and you’re all set.

  • When you’re ready to play, have people line up in one or two lines.
  • Write the names of other guests in the room on the stickers. One name per sticker. You can also use names of people from the school – such as teachers or principals, etc.
  • Don’t let the person see the name on the sticker and place it on his or her back; they have just become someone else!
  • Now it’s time to mingle. Everyone should have the name of someone else on their back.
  • Go around to other guests and ask each guest one question about your new self until you figure out who you are.
  • When everyone has discovered their new identity, the game is over! If you’re using only names of guests attending the party, you can have the people pair up with who their alter-ego was and take a picture!

4. “Give Me an “M!” or “Name that Mascot”

Heading off to college is an exciting time full of new experiences and new places that will have significant meaning in a graduate’s life. Nothing is more important than their new school’s mascot! Along with their school colors, slogan, credo and mission, the mascot gives the school a fun identity. This game helps all your child’s friends get to know the mascots of the colleges and universities and in turn, get to know where their friends are going to school!

  • Starting with the Pac 10 and Big 10 leagues, research and find out the names of the mascots for many of the schools.
  • Try to use as many of the colleges or universities that the kids who are at the party will be attending. (Feel free to throw in names of schools that no one is attending either. That will make it more challenging.)
  • Either write or printout the names of the mascots on a large piece of butcher paper or poster board. Leave several lines beside each Mascot name.
  • To make it even better, if you can, print out the pictures of the Mascots and put them up on an easel or on a table.
  • Hand out pens and pencils and ask everyone to write the name of the school next to the name of the mascot.
  • For instance: Huskies, Bears, Bruins, Wildcats, etc.
  • To make it even harder, have a challenger round where you use mascots from Division III or lesser known schools, like Lords, Ephs, Bananaslugs, etc.

You’ll be amazed how much the party guests will learn about the many and varied universities and colleges out there. To add a challenge element to the game, see if anyone knows the history behind each mascot. They will certainly remember more clearly where their friends will be going to college, now that they’ll have a name like Bananslugs in their mind.

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