Hover Much? 6 Helicopter Parenting Moves to Avoid (page 2)

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Updated on Jul 12, 2012

5. Overanalyzing sniffles. Was that a cough you just heard or a bout of fatal whooping cough? If you're a helicopter parent, your doctor's probably on speed dial by now. Cautious, informed parenting is great; hypochondriac parenting could cause you to raise a child who's scared of every sneeze.

  • Watch for the signs of a serious problem. A fever of over 102 degrees Fahrenheit, rash, sore throat without a cold, lethargy and an aversion to liquids for more than a day all merit a call to the pediatrician. A runny nose? Probably best for Dr. Mom to handle.

6. Taking over major choices. If you want your budding musician to become a concert pianist, you'll sign him up for hours of lessons. If he's wondering what college to attend, you already have the application for Harvard filled out. Helicopter parents make all the major decisions for their kids without asking for input.

  • Let your child make his own choices. Whether it's what to eat for lunch or which extracurricular activity to join, it's crucial to learn how to weigh pros and cons to become more proactive. Without the ability to make decisions, your kid will grow up to be indecisive and lack self-confidence in his choices, so ask his opinion whenever possible.

Helicopter parents are hardly a new phenomenon; however, they've just barely received their label. If you don't want to be the hovering type, make sure your child has freedom within reason. Sure, you might be biting your lip when you watch your child tumble from the swings, but you'll be on the sideline to make the boo-boos better.

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