Kids Room Chaos: What to Keep Out of Your Kid's Room (page 2)

Kids Room Chaos: What to Keep Out of Your Kid

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Updated on Sep 18, 2013

A Computer

Here's another no-brainer for savvy parents. While you might want your child to have the best advantage when it comes to school and learning, leaving a computer in his room permanently can cause some serious problems. Even young children can be tempted by the lure of 24/7 games, especially after Mom and Dad hit the sack. What's more, without proper supervision or computer protection, your little one might wander onto websites not meant for little eyes. It's best to move a computer to a shared area of the home and create an atmosphere where it's only okay to use the computer when you're nearby.

A Lock

Whether you have a toddler or a teen, no dependent in your house should be so independent that he needs his own private and impenetrable space. Besides the fact that a lock can be dangerous for younger kids who accidentally trap themselves in their rooms, you should always have access to your child's space. Does that mean spying and snooping? No, but it should mean that your child knows you could come in at any time for inspection.

Unsafe Gear

Most moms know that silence is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it's that blissful sound that gives you a few moments to catch up on Downton Abbey. On the other hand, it usually means that your little one is occupied—for better or for worse. That's why you need to head into your child's room and do a once-over for anything that could be dangerous. Even a pair of scissors could become dangerous when your child learns that they cut hair, skin and anything else. Get down on the floor and check for danger at eye level. An unanchored chest of drawers, loose cord from the blinds and electrical sockets should all be taken care of so you can relish—not fear—a few minutes of silence.

Your little one's room should be a sanctuary for both of you. While the days of languid rocking in a chair might be long over, it can still be a place of storybooks, lullabies and kisses goodnight. By keeping excess stimulation and temptation out of your child's room, you might be able to snag a few more years of quiet moments before a raucous teen occupies the space instead.

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