A Learning Styles Quiz & the Quadratic Formula (page 2)

A Learning Styles Quiz & the Quadratic Formula

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Updated on Sep 4, 2013

Memorization Strategies for Auditory Learners:

  • If you are an auditory learner, you need to hear and speak whatever it is that you need to memorize. Your ears help you remember.
  • If you have a study partner, have her ask you the quadratic formula so that you can tell it back to her. If you get it wrong, have her read you the formula. Then, try again!
  • If you really want to remember something, turn it into a song! The quadratic formula goes quite nicely with the tune to “Pop Goes The Weasel.” “x equals negative b Plus or minus the square root Of b squared minus 4 a c All over 2 a”
  • If you don't know “Pop Goes the Weasel,” you can make up your own tune, or look it up on the Internet.
  • One other strategy is to recite the formula on tape, and play it back to yourself while you drive or do chores.

Memorization Strategy for Kinesthetic Learners:

  • If you are a kinesthetic learner, you need to be active to learn best. Your muscles remember a lot of things.
  • The first strategy is to write the formula over and over again. Your finger muscles will start to “remember” the formula over time. It helps to say the formula out loud as you go, to get your mouth muscles involved.
  • The second strategy is to move your whole body while you say the formula. Find a ball, and bounce it as you recite the formula. Finding a good “beat” will help your body retain the information. When you need to remember the formula, tap your foot in time to the beat.
  • If you're really serious, you can act out the formula with your body. Make up moves that represent x, a, b, and c. You're sure to remember it if your whole body gets involved.
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