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Updated on Jan 11, 2013

In addition to basic vocabulary, let your child learn about her body. When the weather and other arrangements allow, let her spend time without any clothes on in the backyard and see the products that her body creates. Some children who spend every waking hour in diapers don’t even realize that the products in their diapers come from their own bodies!

Introducing…The Potty

Some parents make the mistake of introducing the potty or potty seat at the same time that they start actual potty training. But sitting on the potty can be a foreign concept to children, and one that they may need time to adjust to. Dr. Sonna also reminds parents that “the unusual sensation of sitting naked on a small chair with a hole in the middle terrifies many toddlers.” To prepare for this, sit your child on a potty seat periodically before potty training while reading books or doing finger plays with you. And don’t forget to give your child plenty of practice removing any necessary clothes, such as pants and tights, before beginning potty training.

Months before potty training begins, let your child see other people using the toilet and talk to him about what they are doing.If you don’t feel comfortable letting him watch you in the bathroom, try a neighbor child or young cousin who is willing to serve as a role model. You can also let your child “help” you in the bathroom – flushing the toilet, tearing off some toilet paper for you, turning on the water and handing you the soap to wash your hands, and handing you a towel to dry your hands. According to Dr. Sonna, the toileting process includes many steps that adults take for granted, from removing clothes to tearing toilet paper, and from wiping and flushing to washing and drying their hands. Seeing other people doing these tasks can help prepare them for potty training.

At the end of the day, you can’t force your child to pee on the potty. But giving your child the necessary skills and attitude can go a long way towards making your potty training experience simpler and less stressful – for both of you.

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