Is Your Kid Reading Too Much? (page 2)

Is Your Kid Reading Too Much?

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Updated on Jul 23, 2013

Know Your Family History

Many eye conditions are hereditary, and knowing about them lets your optometrist screen your child's eyes properly. Talk to family members about their eye health so you can better help your kid with hers.

Limit Screen Time

Make sure your kid doesn’t spend countless hours in front of the computer, TV or smartphone. The list of negative effects of too much screen time is exhaustive: irregular sleep patterns, lack of creativity, early childhood aggression, body image issues, academic difficulty, unhealthy weight gain and plenty more. At a minimum, ensure that screen time is set in between activities that give the eyes a break.

We all want our kids to love reading. Looking at the big picture, having a kid who reads too much isn’t the worst problem to have. But don't forget to protect your child's vision and health too.

It’s not always easy to detect vision problems in young people. Dr. Barnett offers this list of symptoms and encourages parents to keep an “eye” on their children’s behavior.

  • Frequent eye rubbing or blinking
  • Short attention span
  • Avoiding reading and other close-up activities
  • Frequent headaches
  • Covering one eye
  • Tilting the head to one side
  • Holding reading materials close to the face
  • An eye turning in or out
  • Seeing double
  • Losing place when reading
  • Difficulty remembering what he or she read
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