5 Ways to Raise a Kid Who Can Write More Than a Text Message (page 2)

5 Ways to Raise a Kid Who Can Write More Than a Text Message

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Updated on Aug 12, 2013

5. Write postcards and letters. Although email and texting have made formal letter writing a rarity these days, knowing how to write a proper letter will help kids understand that writing has a structure and an audience. By using words to share their experiences with special people in their lives, children will understand the importance of having a purpose for their writing beyond texting a few words to friends. They can describe the places they have visited, or share some news, or relate something exciting or funny that happened while traveling. Encourage them to think about the specific audience. For example, Grandma might not understand “LOL!” Or best friend Bobby, who’s crazy about cars, might enjoy reading not only about your visit to Mount Rushmore but also about that cool vintage Mustang in the parking lot.

Whatever activity you choose, remember that summer is a time to keep language skills alive by enjoying words. While today’s travel log entry or poolside metaphor challenge might become the basis for a future story or essay, summer writing isn’t meant to be a school activity, with required revision and points off for mistakes. Summer writing is about fun with language as your children communicate in the real world. Don’t worry about leaping over the big hurdles. Enjoy the little steps as you continue on the learning journey.

Beth Zemble is director of alternative learning strategies and English language arts for K12. She has been working in the language arts for more than two decades. She’s led the development efforts for Internet-based English curriculum as well as integrated instructional systems and educational software.

Additionally, she has worked on lessons, textbooks, test preparation, and practice materials for numerous publishers, and has taught literature and composition courses at Immaculata University. Ms. Zemble graduated with honors and a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature from the University of Pennsylvania and earned her Master of Arts degree with honors from Columbia University.

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