Spring Cleaning: 13 Fun Ways to Get Your Kids Involved (page 3)

Spring Cleaning: 13 Fun Ways to Get Your Kids Involved

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Updated on Apr 4, 2014

Turn trash into art.

The possibilities are endless! Transform all of those wire hangers you’ve collected from the dry cleaner into forms for decorative wreaths, turn old t-shirts into throw pillows, bottle caps into magnets, greeting cards into ornaments, and maps into wrapping paper. Let your family’s collective creative juices flow and see what sorts of new-fangled inventions and recycled gems you can conjure up.

Collect loose change.

Send your child on a hunt to collect the loose change lying around the house! Have her search everywhere: on dressers, in pockets, between the sofa cushions, even underneath the seats in your car. Ask her to practice counting all of the different denominations of money and adding up the total. Take the money to a free coin counting machine (you can often find them in grocery stores) and let your child buy a small treat with her new-found funds, or simply put the money in a jar and save it for a future family outing.  If there's a big enough amount, consider opening a savings account for your child if she doesn’t already have one, and encourage her to make deposits on a regular basis. One way for your child to build up her savings is to save at least half of all monetary gifts she receives. Incidentally, the bank will probably ask you to put the change into coin roll wrappers before you deposit them this is an added bonus for developing your child’s fine motor and counting skills!

Hold a garage sale.

Once the cleaning is said and done, it's a great time for a garage or yard sale. This is especially the case if you find yourself left with a bunch of stuff you can't donate or isn't accepted by consignment and retail stores. Have your kids make colorful signs and post them up in the neighborhood to advertise the date and time of your sale (and don’t forget to remove those signs when you’re done). 

Older children can help you price items, handle the exchange of cash and get a chance to test out out their merchandising skills! Younger children can help too, by demonstrating to potential customers how their belongings work and putting items out on “display.” Remember to share the profits with your kids to reward their hard work!

Spring Cleaning doesn't have to be a drag. Take this opportunity to have some fun with your kids and incorporate some learning in with the cleaning!

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