Is Your Child a Cheater? (page 2)

Is Your Child a Cheater?

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Updated on Jan 30, 2012

So as a parent, what can you do to prevent or discourage cheating? You play a big role in teaching morals and instilling integrity in your kid. Here are a few tips:

  • Know the assignment. Take an active interest in homework assignments and prepping your child for her tests. If you work as a team to get ready for the exam, and then talk about the results later, she's more apt to be honest with you about her grades.
  • Talk to her teachers. Attend Parent's Night and any other meetings with your kid's teachers. Find out how the teacher feels she's performing, and what you both can do to help promote better grades. Ask the teacher about his anti-cheating policies, what he teaches kids about cheating and if he's ever suspected your child of cheating.
  • Be positive no matter the grade. Support your child no matter her grades, so that she knows she doesn't have to risk cheating just to make you happy or proud. If she gets a poor result, take some time to go over what happened and make a game plan to do better next time.
  • Avoid paying for good grades. Although positive reinforcement helps in many cases, paying for good grades may just encourage cheating. It tells kids that they work for cash, and that their grade is more important than what she learned.
  • Reward effort and learning. You should, instead of grades, reward learning and effort. If your child works for hours on a science project and enjoys it, you can still take her out to dinner or a movie. Let her know that you saw how hard she worked, and that if she keeps up the effort and challenges herself, the A's will come.

Putting the emphasis on work and learning, rewarding honesty and integrity, as well as staying involved in your kids' academic activities can help keep cheating to a minimum. Children learn what they are taught and emulate adults, so make sure you are practicing what you preach!

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