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Updated on Jul 17, 2009

Taste It

Developing a genius mindset is not just about the inner world, and activating the subconscious mind. The physical outer world is just as important. Therese Pasqualoni, Ph.D., health educator and creator of the Strike It Healthy System, says, “Healthier choices are digested easily and healthy nutrients affect brain chemistry in positive ways, such as improved learning and memory capabilities. On the flip side, unhealthy choices affect brain chemistry in negative ways… like clogging the mind and impeding learning opportunities.”

More specifically, “A whole grain breakfast and mid-morning fruit break improve learning, and consistent study habits that include association games improve memorization. Children should steer away from food dyes and preservatives that can hinder their ability to learn.”

She suggests spending one hour a week being active with your family, and eating at least two meals a day together. At the same time, you can play word games, such as introducing your child to a new definition, or taking turns coming up with similar or opposite words. “Research shows children remember family-time conversation that has shown to improve their verbal skills,” she says.

Whichever strategies you choose for physical, emotional and mental health – seeing, saying, feeling or tasting – rest assured that you’re giving your child tools that will help him for the rest of his life.

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