Is Your Teen Texting in Class? (page 2)

Is Your Teen Texting in Class?

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Updated on Sep 7, 2010

Follow Your Rules

In the textPlus survey, 66 percent of teens said their parents have texted them while they were in class. Olanoff says this shows adults understand that when one person sends a text message, it’s ready when the recipient is able to read it. “Parents understand that the text is going to be there after class,” he says.

But many people, especially teens, expect an immediate response to texts. Which explains why teens are often compelled to reply to messages immediately after they receive them while sitting in the classroom – just like many adults feel the need to respond to e-mails as soon as they show up in their inboxes.

So Guerry says that if you need to contact your child while he’s in class, find some other way to do it. It might be better to call the school and ask to have a message passed along to your child.

“You can’t tell a kid, ‘Don’t text in class,’ if you’re the one texting,” he says.

Tips for Teachers

Parents aren’t the only ones who can curb texting at inappropriate times. Teachers can too, by setting their own clear rules and consequences.

“If I was a teacher, I’d have a box and say, ‘Everyone, put your phone in the box and you’ll get it back after class,’” Olanoff says. That way the playing field is leveled. However, the kids who don't text in class, may feel like they're being punished for other people's wrong-doings.

Many schools have set boundaries. In the Pew survey, just 12 percent of teens said their schools allow students to have cell phones at any time. In the classroom, it's the teacher's job to be on alert for texting during class - just as they would be if there were notes being passed.

But Olanoff says that teachers can turn the tables and even use texting as an instructional aide. Teachers can easily allow students and parents to text them with questions about homework assignments, and students are likely to take them up on the offer, Olanoff says. The key there is to make sure that there are clear boundaries from the get-go so that things don't get out of hand.

If your teen is addicted to texting, and she's texting while there's teaching, sit down and set some clear guidelines with her so that you're both on the same page. Texting may be a part of our everyday lives, but that doesn't mean it should get in the way of our children's education.

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