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Tips for a Rockin' Earth Day Party (page 2)

Tips for a Rockin

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Updated on Mar 8, 2011

Try Some Earth Friendly Games and Crafts

  • Item Sort: Ask guests to bring a bag of recyclables. Sort each into special bins to learn about the process.
  • Reused Ring Toss: Cut a large plastic juice or soda bottle into several circular rings. Set up smaller bottles at different distances and invite the guests to toss the rings onto the bottle tops.
  • Eco-Friendly Multimedia Collage: Gather old paper and cardboard and help your guests to create a special globe shaped Earth collage with scissors and glue. Add paint, glitter, or even fabric scraps for added flare.
  • Eco Frame: Pre-cut pieces of used cardboard into small frames. Make a variety of shapes such as standard rectangles, squares, triangles, or circles. Go outside and collect some natural materials such as fallen leaves or small twigs from the ground. Use clear drying, non-toxic glue to attach and seal the materials onto the frame.

Make an Earth Day Menu

Celebrate Mother Nature herself and lay out a bevy of fresh from the garden (or farm) produce for refreshments. If you don’t have your own home garden to choose from, look for locally-grown products to make a simple salad, veggie tray, or fruit bowl from. Make a sweet surprise, and design an Earth-shaped cake. Use a round cake pan to form your shape. Decorate the baked treat with blue and green icing to represent the land and water. For another activity, you can also make Earth cupcakes. Pre-bake the cakes before the guests arrive, and once the party has started, give the children blue and green icing and sprinkles. Ask each guest to make his or her own sugary version of our planet.




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