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Should You Give Your Child the Swine Flu Vaccine? (page 2)

Should You Give Your Child the Swine Flu Vaccine?

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Updated on Sep 10, 2009

One particular area of concern is infants younger than 6 months who cannot take the vaccine, Kimberlin said. “This is a special situation that’s been recognized by the CDC.”

Protecting Infants From Swine Flu
  • Protect everyone else first.  Make sure everyone in the household gets the swine flu vaccination. “You want to create a cocoon of safety for the baby in that household,” Kimberlin said.
  • Follow the other safety precautions.  That means tissue for sneezes and coughs are even more important and hand-washing should be done religiously, he said.
  • Avoid unnecessary trips with the baby. Garcia, of the school nurses association, argues that flu season, particularly one with a looming pandemic on top of regular flu, is one where “it is a good idea to keep babies out of crowds.”

Despite the news of researchers and governments moving as quickly as possible to get the swine flu vaccine manufactured and tested, Garcia, Alvarado-Ramy and Kimberlin all voiced strong support for the process of manufacturing influenza vaccines.

“I will say I have no concerns at all with the safety review process that vaccines of all kinds go through,” Kimberlin said. “The vaccine testing mechanisms that we have now are more sophisticated and more thorough than they’ve ever been in history – and they were pretty good in the past. We are very well prepared to develop the vaccines – that has already happened – and to test vaccines in clinical trials – that is going on now – to determine they are safe.”

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