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Waldorf Education: Four Successes and Four Failures (page 3)

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Updated on Aug 1, 2012

Failure #4: Lack of Student Population Diversity

In a study conducted by Freda Easton of the Columbia University Teachers College, students, parents, and faculty of surveyed American Waldorf colleges all affirmed that the student population could be more diverse, specifically including more minority groups. According to Vernon Dewey at Antiochne University, there is a “present lack of racial diversity in Waldorf Schools.”

Most Waldorf schools are private, which may be a contributing factor to the lack of socioeconomic diversity. Waldorf education is typically a rather expensive undertaking for parents, which is why many schools have financial aid available.

The choice of schools is a personal one that parents have to make for each of their children. Many factors go into this decision, including the quality of the school and education and the temperament of the child. When it comes to Waldorf education, it is important to look at both the pros and cons before choosing this model for your child.

Grace Chen is the lead editor and writer for Public School Review. From teaching at-risk public middle school students to lecturing for the Haas School of Business and FIDM, Grace is passionate about the state of education.

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