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My 12 yr old daughter says she is shy and that's why she doesn't have friend, last 2 yrs she was bullied in school. Not being hit on but verbally.

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Joshuao writes:
The good thing with this case is that the girl has already identified her problem. It were hard if she could not have identified her problem. With her having identified her problem and the cause, she can easily get out of it.
activities you can use to encourage her:
1. Put 5 bottles in a tray and sway the tray a little  bit then let her say what she has seen.
Explanation: Where there are many people it is normal that there may be some conflict of some kind due to the diverse likings and dislikes.
She should learn not to be worried about those who do her wrong and abuse her. She will later learn that it is only through confrontation that the bullying will persist.
2. tell her to stay in a dark room all alone for some time:
The girl will learn that though we are diverse in thoughts and abilities, we need each other for life. She should be encouraged to associate with others.

understand that the girl might be in her adolescent stage and hence need more care when handling this issue as you can easily make or break her. Make effort to be her first friend and she;ll later join other friend outside.
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