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My 13 year old has an irrational fear of contracting disease.  What do I do?

My 13 year old son is in 7th grade. This is a new school for him even though he knows lots of the children. Last year he went to a school that was about 95% white students. This year it is about 60% white students. We are white and are not racists. Everything was going well this year until the 7th grade went through a brief session of education concering Aids, Hepatitis, etc.  Since then he has been like a different child.  He has a fear of getting anything from Aids to TB. When I realized we had a problem I began talking with him. In the beginning of our conversations it seemed like he was afraid of just the black children. I assured him that everyone of every color was at risk for these type of diseases. He understands how these diseases are transmitted. His main concern is someone will spit while they are talking, eating or chewing gum. He is afraid that their spit may get into his mouth. I am doing everything I know to help ease his fears. But it is painful for me to send him to school each day. Our health insurance doesn't cover mental health. I am still waiting on the local Mental Health Center to call me back. I don't want to speak with the school counselor because I am afraid of how he will be treated by the teachers and students. Since some of the teachers have children attending the same school I know it will not remain confidential. Any suggestions??
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Edu-Katherine writes:
Hi Kay,

We actually had another parent in the community here with a son who had the same fears. Hopefully he'll post here and let you know what he's doing to help his son. In the mean time, gosh, I hope you can find a solution. Perhaps one of the experts or another parent here will have some advice for you. I do applaud you for going  ahead and seeking some counseling for your son. In a world where we are constantly bombarded with health warnings and there is sometimes an atmosphere or fear, it's a good thing to have a plan to counter the effects and the fear your son is going through.

Please let us know how you're both doing.   And please, anyone reading this, if you have any advice, please chime in!

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