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My 15 year old son say he is bi sexual and a furry

My son recently confided in me that he is Bi sexual and a little while later he confided that he is a "furry".  He sent me a video link regarding what being a furry means to him.  I could tell that he felt some relief to finally tell me about these feelings and I am supporting him by just loving him and telling him that I want him to be safe.  He is not comfortable talking to me about sex, understandably, again I just want him to be safe.  His father and I are divorced and to date he has not told his father about either of these things.  He is very bright, and introverted.  I have found some really good information and support for parents regarding Bi sexual, but, I have not found good information regarding the Furry part.  From what he has told me he is interested in the dressing up part somewhat like cosplay.  The information out there regarding furries can be disturbing, but, he has said that those people are not in the group he belongs to.  I guess my concern is whether there is an identity crisis issue here.  He wants to earn money to buy a partial furry suit he can wear to furry events.  I feel he is too young and don't trust that he can know who he interacting with.  I am not able to get him counseling.  His father would have to agree and I have been unsuccessful in getting him to agree in the past.  I want to keep him safe and while I don't have a reason to currently suspect he would hurt himself, I have read about the high incidence of subside in teen boys.
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dontjudgeme writes:
I am a 14 year old bisexual and one of my best friends is a 15 year old Furry. That is my identity and my friend's identity. Yes, your son may get pushed around a lot because of his sexuality. In that case, talk to him. Let him share his point of view on the subject, and discuss coping techniques. On the topic of suicide(I'm assuming that's what you meant) pay attention to his mannerisms. If he is acting strange or saying things that scare or confuse you, ask him what's going on. He may tell you, he may not. There's probably better information regarding what to do in places other than a teenage girl.
In the end, this lifestyle is his to control, and how he lives it is his decision. If he is bright, then he should start to realize a stupid decision before it happens and is bound to be responsible in the important things. Let him make his own decisions, but be there to help him when he needs it.
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