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My 19yrs old daughter is bored at trying to get her GED, she wants to get it but the teachers she says are not teaching her in the areas she needs hel

My daughter is going to a community college to get her GED diploma. She says the teachers are not teaching her in the areas she needs help in, like Math and SS or Science. She is so impatient and when it is time for her to take  a test to see if she can take the GED test, her score is too low and then she is so depressed about it. She has been doing since 2010, and still have have not gotten her GED diploma. I told her to study on her own and she has. She says the teachers only provide booklets and do not teach at all or give help to you when you need it. She says she feels by herself and don't know what to do but keep trying to make a high score to take the GED testing. What else can I do to help her along her journey? She has been going to my college the same time as myself and I have until 2013 to get my Associate degree in CJ.
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