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How do I help my 24 year old get help without shattering his self esteem?  I think he has undiagnosed Aspergers.

I have a 24 year old son who I believe has Aspergers Disease. What can I do as a parent to approach him with this. As some of you have said, you have always considered your child to be different and so do I. Joey was diagnosed with ADD in his earlier years but I feel as if I should have looked further, I feel as if I have failed him, I feel as if he's just not normal and there isn't anything I can do about it. Perhaps if I did he'd be happier, perhaps if I did, he'd be sociable, perhaps if I did, he'd feel like a part of our family unit, perhaps if I did, he'd hug me back when I hug him, perhaps if I did, we'd both understand and accept unconditionally the way he is. So again I toss out the question how do I approach a 24-year-old male with the prospect that I feel he might have Aspergers without making him feel like I think there is something "wrong" with him, without shattering what little self-image he has without having him feel like we don't except him for who he is? If there is a person out there Joey's age who has aspergers and cares to reach me or a parent who has walked in my shoes please feel free to contact me at CPsPlace30@roadrunner.com. Thank you.
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