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How to get my 2.5 yo to eat new foods with out a fight.

Its kind of our fault that he is such a picky eater. He was my first and I was afraid that he will choke so didn't introduce a lot of new foods until after he was a year old. Now it seems like a power struggle to feed him anything new. There is fighting and screaming and gagging for about 10 minutes and then for the most part he gives in and eats. Such a contrast to my 8 month old, that I started giving him my food as i was eating it. He grabs and eats what ever is given to him. I don't want my house to become a restaurant, I think he should eat what I make for him. How should I proceed? Is he too young to go to bed hungry? For the most part, he is a very good boy and listens, just need to solve this food issue.
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Sep 21, 2011
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First of all, relax!  The family meal-time is that it should be enjoyable!  Toddlers do not have much control over their world so they will refuse to eat if they sense that it is extremely important to their parents that they clean up the plate.

First of all, realize that your job as a parent is to provide your toddler with  nutritional meals.  Second, remember that your child's job is to eat it!  So, expect that your son eats whatever you make.  If he does not, let him leave the table when the whole family is done eating.  To let him better understand  when he ca leave the table, you can set the timer to let him know when he is excused.

To assure that he eats well, serve a little bit of his favorite food on the plate and something new next to it.  Just make sure that the foods do not touch each other.  Serve 3 meals and nutritious snacks in between.

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