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How do i get my 2yr old daughter to listen and behave in public??

I have a 2yr old daughter who acts out in public.. When we are out at a store she always throws a tantrum when i am at checkout..sometimes shed try to grab items off the shelf i tell her to put it back and she does but then yells and screams just to get others attention. When we are at home and my bf comes in..shed always try to follow him so i tell her to sit down or go play and she tells me NO!! I don't no where shes getting these smart alack ways from..shes not in a school or around anyone really. Its hard because i don't no what to do I'm 23 and I'm trying my best to raise her the right way. Discipline id sometimes give her a little smack on her behind then she goes to timeout. But then afterwards she keeps doing the same thing over and over every time..the spankings or timeouts don't do anything! I tell my mom but all she did was laugh because she said she gets it from me i acted the same way when i was little. AAAGGH!! i just want her to behave and it seems impossible. She gets in trouble like everyday!
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May 16, 2013
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You just described normal behaviors in a 2-year-old!  That's why this time is called "the terrible twos"!  Ok, but it will pass if you give it time and put in some work.  You mentioned discipline as spanking and time-outs.  Those are punishments and punishment is a very small portion of discipline.  Discipline is a system of teaching your child how to function within the family and the society.  So first, it is positive reinforcement: praise for good behaviors.  Don't overuse the phrase "good job", use only to praise specific behaviors.  For example, "Good job for putting this away."  or "Good job for cooperating."  Don't use it all the time and for everything, because it will lose its meaning.  Second, it is punishment: time out for unacceptable behaviors, one minute for year of life.  I don't like spanking, because it breeds resentment and sends a message that hitting is ok. Stick to time outs at this age.  Don't send her to her room, because it is her kingdom with all her toys, etc.  A time out should be administered in a chair that stand in the middle of the room.  She will probably want to escape, so you sit in time out with her and do not let her go until the timer goes off after 2 minutes even though she probably will fight you.  Just hug her tightly.  After the timer goes off, let her go.   Third, consistency.  Be consistent in administering time outs.  That will teach your daughter what is expected of her.  Overall, kids do not want to be in trouble, so once you implement these steps, your daughter will start to behave.

Best regards.
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