Karenmom asks:

Help with 3rd Grade Math

The instructions read:  Write two letter names for each figure.

Then there is a picture of a triangle with the letters
B (at the top) A (left corner) C (right corner).

Next, there is a rectangle with X (upper left corner) Y (upper right corner) W (lower left corner) Z (lower right corner)

Next, there is a parallelogram J (upper left corner) K (upper right corner) M (lower left corner) L (lower right corner)

Thanks in advance for any help you can give on how to do this!  Please include links if possible, I couldn't find anything.
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pigtoria writes:
Hi Karenmom....

The simplest figure - a triangle - is made up of three lines and has three points.   When talking about a triangle, you can write the triangle as "symbol for triangle" ABC.  

In your example, it would be triangle ABC, rectangle WXYZ, and parallelogram JKLM.

Two letters or lines cannot make a figure.  It can only be a line.  For example, line AB, line AC, line BC.  Even angles need to be three lines or points.  For example, angle ABC, angle CBA, angle BAC, etc.

Hope this helps!

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taggteam writes:
Well - I had this exact homework problem...and it stumped me for over an hour...and I felt silly when I realized the answer.  I am very good at math and didn't understand why this was so difficult.

The instructions say Write two letter names for each figure.

I read this to mean using only 2 letters, write a name for each figure - which is not possible because there are more than two letters designating the sides of each of the figures.

Well, like I said after an hour - I realized the question meant write 2 names, using letters for each figure.

For example - the triangle would be ABC or CBA, the rectangle is XWZY or ZYXW - any combination of letters starting at one point and moving either direction around the figure until you reach the starting point.  

The other person that answered this question explained the mathmatics behind the problem better than I - but I felt it important to help distinguish what was truly being instructed on this problem.  

I hope this helps at least one other person who is helping a 3rd grader with math to remain sane....because I almost lost my mind.  Best of Luck!
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