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My 4 year old son hits, throws and threatens. HELP!

So I should start off by saying that he comes from a broken home. His father and I are not together and split up before he was born. He has 3 step-brothers via his father's wifes previous marriage. The boys are 9,10 & 11. All very violent, reactivce children, lit the garage on fire, drove their suv through the garage door and spray painting profanity on the side of the house. Those are just a small sample of the chaos. Rather recently (last 6ish months) my son has gone from good kid with the normal 4 year old issues, listenings, mild tantrms etc to a monster. It started out that once a week or so he would get a write up in preschool about throwing things or not resting durning nap time and having a tantrum and being disruptive so I tried moving him to a day camp program that doesn't have a nap period thinking it would help. Wrong. It got so much worse. At least 3 times a week I would get calls and have to pick him up early. Normally for tantrums that became violent or he would try to run from the counselors and then scream "I hate you" at them when they wouldn't let him run off, then final straw was when he took a wiffle bat to another child and then turned it on the counselor when they tried to stop him. I decided then that it was back to the structure of preschool for him. He has now started to threaten to kill teachers, students and "everyone". I am at my wits end, please HELP!
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