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ms_bettinad asks:

My 4 yrs old is getting in trouble at school for not listening? How can I get him to listen better.

My son is 4yrs old and is in Pre-k. He is getting in trouble at school & home because he is just not following directions. He has to be told at least 3 times to do something before he actually does it. His hearing has been checked and he has been tested to see if anything else is wrong developmentally. He is doing great in both areas. He is actually ahead of the other students in his class. How do I get him to listen and follow directions the first time we ask him. I am a teacher and parent so this is frustrating me because I have tried everything.  
In Topics: Learning issues and special needs, Discipline and behavior challenges
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Mar 15, 2012
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First thing to do is to talk to your son's regular health care provider.  Make an appoitment and discuss your son's behavioral problems.  Sometimes, metabolic disturbances can lead to behavioral problems in childdren and your child's health care provider will be able to easily rule them out.  Your son's doctor may also suggest seeing a pediatric counselor.

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