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My 5 year old daughter is not focused at school

Hi My 5 year old daughter has started a formal school. While she is extremely smart with other activities like story telling, singing, dancing, she gets in a major problem when she is asked to it numbers or alphabets. Other kids finish it in 15 minutes, she takes almost an hour. The teacher has also advised that she is easily distracted and loses focus. She also writes numbers b and d in reverse. Confuses p and 9, does she need counseling? Is this an attention disorder?
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Aug 4, 2014
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Your daughter is able to keep her focus with things that she really likes such as story time and singing and dancing, and finds it more difficult with the other things.

If you are concerned about her learning abilities you might want to talk with school counselor and have your daughter tested for any learning disabilities.

You might also have to teacher set up a motivation chart for your daughter. If she is able to complete her writing and other assignment in a timely manner she will earn a sticker or star and so many stars earn extra time for singing and other things that she really likes to do.

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MishMashI writes:
Your daughter is just an ordinary kid like many others of her age and I don`t think you should worry. However I understand you as we always want our children to be the best. Yu know, I had similar problem with my girl and it was strange why having a degree and after writing a dissertation (check I here ) I cannot inspire her. So I have made a conclusion that they are too young for such monotonous work and brought some fun to it. We gave funny names to letters and I allowed her to use my table to imagine that she is a very important person who is writng documents.
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