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I think my 5 year old has an eating disorder.

My daughter is 5 1/2. All the things I am about to list have been going on since she was 2.
Every meal and snacks are battles. Most frequent phrases are:
"Just eat." " You will feel better if you eat." "If you don't eat we are taking away X, or we are not doing Y."
Breakfast often is just cereal, (her choice) but she takes so long to eat it it gets soggy and she doesn't want it or she eats it dry and still refuses to eat it all.
Her lunches at school come home completely not eaten or only one thing eaten more often then not. She says she talks too much at lunch to eat. She has an excuse for every item she didn't eat.
Snack time after school she can never decide on anything and doesnt like my suggestions. She likes candy or gummies about 95% of the time but never makes it to 'earning' them most of the time.
Dinner is the worst. She whines and complains from the moment she knows whst we are having until we banish her to eating outside alone or make her play the Quiet Game.
We give her as much choice as we can can regarding food to maximize her control over her own body.
She picks the restaurant,& she says what goes on her plate.
We have tried to teach the concept of being full & that your body is an engine and it needs fuel. We have tried just letting her eat junk just for calories as her ped suggested. But she has turned down icecream because it is too cold. We cant win & are at a loss
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