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5 Year Old Son Repeating Kinder...

We recently moved to a new town and I have been commuting my 5 year old son to his private kindergarten. He does very well there academically, but he has had trouble maintaining friendships since we moved so far away. He does not like to join groups of people that are already friends. He has gone to this school for 2 years and is very comfortable there. I am very concerned about moving him to the public first grade next year. I am worried that he will have a lot of trouble making friends since they will all know each other, I am worried about him acting out towards new teachers and environments. The school he is now everyone knows him and loves him. I am thinking about having him repeat kinder at the new school. It is 1 hour away so there would be no one who would know that he has already had kinder once. He is a late June birthday and already the youngest in his current class.  I feel he needs to really learn what school is, where he is at it is school but I feel like it is more daycare since that is what he started going there for. The only doubt I have regarding it is his size. He is already one of the tallest boys in his class ( a number of girls are taller then him). And he is on the heavier side. I just want to make sure that I am not setting him up to be teased for being the largest. And if that is even a concern?
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