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5 year old son temper and behaviour.

My son is 5 years old. He gets aggressive when in several situations I will mention below. He is also beginning to use bold words, in a form of "showing off".. for example to his aunts family he has begun to say "goodnight a**holes". To which I got very annoyed and corrected. But the aunt is talking to her mother and saying that we ust have him watching inappropriate tv programs.

He has a slightly older cousin, also a male, who antagonizes him via hitting, jeering, little comments.  my son was about 1, the older cousin "hit" him & was given a "time out" by his parents. This wasnt effective & the child continued this through the next two and a half years. When my son reached 4, he was capable of defending himself & he would react with a furious temper.

Today I witnessed our son, being excluded in a game with another cousin, female, aged 7. They were playing with my sons toys and they started to tell him he is not in their "gang". My son reacted, with fury and again spotlight was on him. The others later jeered him and the older cousin (6) hit him. My son reacted with fury and was again scolded. I took my son away and had a chat with him.

What I want to know is how to try to get my son to listen, calm down and avoid him getting into these situations.  However he only gets into this situation when around this one particular child, not others and he's very behaved, bright and liked in school. Should I open my mouth and tell off the mother of the other child? What should
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